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If I wasn' t with Omar, and doing one of his tours, there is no way I would have been able to do ... not even the half, a fraction of what I did ...

Omar is very outgoing, he is very knowledgable; when i was travelling in those areas with Omar, occasionally we' d see tourists, and I could just look at them and tell they were having a total different experience, they were... tourists !

But with Omar I was able to interact with locals, and feel like a local.

Watch the videos !


I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Omar, now he is one of the nicest people I know.

We met in Egypt while I was trying to organize some unforgettable experience.

Omar turned out to be the perfect person, if I went back I would do everything he recommended, from private quad bike rides to the kite surfing course.

A fantastic person, and always trust him!!

Tri & Mathilde

On était au corral sea Sensatori. Tout s’est passé à merveille l’hôtel est top. Plus que ça pour les excursions , on les a toutes faites avec Omar, ras Mohamed , buggy .

On a tous fait avec lui .
Je vous donne un exemple pour race Mohamed on a fait une excursion privée avec lui. Et je recommande à cent pour cent c’est franchement plus sympa. Ça permet d’éviter les gros bus à touristes. Et d’aller visiter en profondeur là où ne vont pas les groupes .

Donc voilà vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés et une attention particulière à Omar que je remercie encore.


I am from Chicago and am in some of Egypt made Easy's  vloggs.

I was a client of Omar and would recommend his services to anyone wanting to organize tours in Egypt. I used numerous drivers an Egyptgolist and numerous tours with Omar.

His services are professional and safe. View Egypt made Easy on utube for more information.

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