Buggy Safari in the Desert

The sense of freedom that you have when you are driving a buggy in the desert is indescribable! Speeding along while watching the sun setting over the mountains of Sinai has to be one of your holidays- MUST DO TRIPS! The stunning Sinai Mountains change colour as the sun sets and the rugged desert terrain is an experience that will both excite and amaze you.

Accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will pick you up from your hotel, you will head to the Safari Centre, here you will board your buggy and head out into the Sinai Desert.  The vast desert landscape is stunningly beautiful…you will speed across desert plains on your buggy while gazing in awe at the high rocky peaks of the mountains.

You will also stop in a Bedouin tent where you can relax and sip Arabian tea and sample the Bedouin hospitality, use this break to take a picture with one of their camels!

At sunset you will witness the amazing colour change of the mountains. They seem to light up and the colours are totally different... Afterwards you can either stay for the Bedouin dinner or go back to the hotel accompanied by the guide on the minibus.



40 € Buggy in single, 50 € in couple.



75 € Buggy in single, 95 € in couple

Not Included

Extra Notes

Bring something to cover your face, or you can buy a kefia in the Safari center.