Cairo by Bus

f you visit Egypt, you really must see the Pyramids! You have come all this way and should not miss out on this fabulous opportunity…if you are in Sharm then bus is definitely the cheapest option…

You guide will collect you by bus from your hotel around midnight and you will start your journey across the desert towards Cairo. The trip is at least six hours long so, be prepared for this…perhaps this option is not for young children or the elderly.

When you arrive in Cairo, however, you will realize that it was worth it…  you will discover the wonderful Pyramids …the only survivor of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ and the Sphinx …and what a sight they are! Truly an experience you will never forget.

First stop will be a visit at the Egyptian Museum to view some of the marvellous treasures on display there. Next, a lunch break at a local Egyptian Restaurant. (Drinks not included). Then it’s a short ride to Giza where you will witness the majestic beauty of the Pyramids and The Sphinx.

Before returning to Cairo, you will visit one of the many souvenir stores where, you can browse the many keepsakes and buy IF YOU WANT. (If you do not want this stop, we can arrange a Private Trip to Cairo, please contact us privately).

At sunset, you will board the bus again to return to Sharm where you will be returned to your hotel.

Please be aware that to visit Cairo you will need a 25$ Visa either bought on arrival at Sharm Airport or in advance from the Egyptian Government portal (There is a video with information about this online).

Make sure to ask your hotel for a "Breakfast Box", it will be free ( you will not have breakfast at the hotel).

Pack a pair of sandwich as well, as lunch is not the greatest.


70 € Adults, 35 kids below 6 yo

Not Included

Drinks in the Restaurant, Optional Activities, and Any extras not mentioned in the program

Extra Notes

TO GO TO CAIRO FROM SHARM IS REQUIRED TO GET A VISA OF TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS AT THE AIRPORT (or you can do online before leaving, in the channel there 's video with information about it) If you don't want to stop at the shopping store you can organize a private excursion (of higher quality, with higher costs).