The Hidden Gem: Wesh Wash Canhyon

I am still amazed by how few people know about it and visit this site which for me is particularly beautiful. You will be taken by Jeep into the pure, natural, uncontaminated desert, far from the tourist hustle and bustle. A Bedouin guide will escort you into the rocks and suddenly you will not be able to believe your eyes: a freshwater lake in the centre of this arid, rocky, landscape!

An epic place for taking those treasured snapshots …‍

It’s an early star for this trip you will be collected from your hotel by our English-speaking guide and travel by bus to Nuweiba. A small Bedouin seaside village where you can admire the beauty of the Red Sea. This stunningly beautiful place remains relatively untouched. Here camps with small-thatched bungalows that are directly on the seashore welcome guests looking for a totally laid-back experience. The camps blend harmoniously with nature. Truly, time seems to stop here and it’s all about relaxing and soaking up the stunning unspoilt scenery.

Then its on to the Canyon… good walking shoes are a must and the walk can be a little tiring for some…but well worth it when you get to the stunningly beautiful lake! 

On the way back we stop in Dahab, where you will visit local shops ... (if you DON'T want to visit the shops you can organize a private trip to Wish Washi - contact privately if interested) At the end of this phenomenal day, you will be returned to your hotel in Sharm by bus around 19:00.


IMPORTANT BRING YOUR PASSPORT. Children need to be at least 10 years old to participate on this trip. It is important to bring sneakers or trekking shoes with you. Bring your swimsuit and mask so that you can snorkel. 

NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO I recorded the video during the "pandemic", and the ladder was broken - so I couldn't get to the lost lake. Now it is very different: there are many stairs and passageways built in wood between the rocks, and you can easily get to Lost Lake.


40 €

Not Included

Lunchtime Drinks, Snorkeling Equipment (not really needed) Personal Expenses

Extra Notes

Bring your passport. Must be phisically fit.